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Linux Version of Budget Calendar

Download the BudgetCalendar.sh
This is a self installing shell script.
NOTE: This is a java application, please make sure that you have a Java VM installed on your system.


  1. cd into the directory which contains BudgetCalendar.sh
  2. Run:
    chmod +x BudgetCalendar.sh
    Test the archive's integraty:
    sudo ./BudgetCalendar.sh -t
    make sure that no errors are detected.
  3. Run:
    sudo ./BudgetCalendar.sh -i
    you will see the license agreement, press space button until you get the question to confirm the agreement. Type y and press Enter (of course if you agree)
  4. Installation complete.
  5. You can run the Budget from a terminal by typing:
    or you can use Applications-->Office-->Budget Calendar.

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