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MiShell QNX Commander is a software package for x86 QNX 6.3 and QNX4. It is very similar to an oldie... the Norton Commander.
These are the components:

mqc file browser:

  • navigate thru directories and files
  • view and edit files with just a push of a button
  • copy, rename, delete, search files
  • keep history of executed commands with a fast search
  • and tons more...

med text editor:

  • simple yet powerful full screen editor
  • C/Java/C++/Perl/PHP syntax highlighting
  • uses ctags to navigate thru functions (Alt+F4)
  • tag completion (ctags)
  • and more...

wdb is a simple gdb wrapper:

  • always see source code while debugging (don't forget -g)
  • gdb console
  • hover variable output
  • backtrace menu
  • and more..


This is a simple make wrapper, it processes the make output and generates *.c.err files if required. The *.c.err files could be used at a later time by med to navigate thru errors (^N/^B).

tag and tags

These scripts use ctags to generate tags and tags-in files. The tags file is used by med to provide functions/methods navigation (Alt+F4). Tag completion will also work in med.


A handy script which shortens this procedure:
    pidin app --> gdb --> attach pid
just do:
    attach app

download mqc self installing shell script (Build 46, Sep 30, 2009)
download mqc (QNX4 built on Apr 15, 2005)


mqc is free for personal use.
an individual licence
an unlimited corporate licence

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